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The inaugural, 2011 FOG Charity rally benefitted Collective Impact (CI), an organization which helps children in San Francisco learn essential life skills to better their education, and improve their opportunities for success.

CI has shown that when all areas of a child’s life are nurtured, starting early and with consistency, children from our lowest income communities can gain the skills to overcome the multi-faceted obstacles they face and define their future success for themselves.

How Collective Impact Helps Kids


1 CI provides literacy support, tutoring, study skills support, mini-lessons in math, science, reading and writing along with academic counseling and more.
2 Students learn essential life skills including problem-solving skills, anger management, addressing peer pressure & risky behavior, planning, accepting differences, self-esteem, and more.
3 One-on-one check-ins with staff, home visits, referrals for support services and any other support, whether they offer it themselves or through a partner program.

4 In one year an CI student will enjoy more than 1,000 extra hours of support and skills development.

That’s equivalent to an additional school year of instruction!